Maxballbags provides an additional baseball/softball equipment bags choices for players. Since 2009, we began with our regular cobra roller bags, followed by enlarged Cobra XL catchers roller bags. The early Cobra series rollers built with 4″ diameter wheels was popular, but the smaller wheels suffered issue liked broken wheels, or torn edges because the loaded bags tended to be scratched heavily with the ground. Also the early wheel houses were too thin. We modified the wheels to 10″ diameter and also increase the wheelhouse overall thickness to provide the roller bags with much tougher wheels. The re-enforced wheel house proved to be huge success for us to battle the wheel issue. We rolled out Cobra RTS rollers which provide a stronger bag bottom support. Senior players appreciate the RTS roller more. There was always a little issue with the catchers roller here and there, we finally decided to add a third wheels to the two line wheels on our Cobra XL catchers rollers. Three years on the markets now, didn’t hear complain about wheel problem since.