Maxballbags provides good quality bags on the market.

Chita CY bat backapcks are our smallest bat backpack for young players. This bag is design for little league players. They have two main compartments divided by a built in velcro divider.

Black and Purple Chita CY

Vista M Teen bat backpacks are our medium size bat backpack for teenager players. They can be divided into three compartments: top one for helmet, middle one for mitts, and bottom one for shoes.

Black and Lime Green Vista M

Vista L Adult bat backpacks are our large, adult size bat backpacks. They have the same design as those of Vista M, the only difference is the bigger shoes compartment.

Solid Black Vista L Bat Backpack

Cobra XL III Catchers Roller Bags are our solution for catcher’s heavy load gears. This bag has three in line wheels that provide longer usage.